Day 1: Development Agencies & NGOs

Today was our first day in the programme and 15 students joined the Development Agencies and NGOs actor´s group.

IMG_0362We watch an introductory video and then we divided into three subgroups; (1) Development Agencies, (2) International NGOs and Networks, and (3) Grassroots/Local NGOs . Each subgroup researched about the specific organizations within their group, trying to understand their mission, people involved,  resources, how they work etc. For example Development Agencies looked into the work of UN-Habitat, DIFID and USAID.

After each subgroup had a general idea of their characteristics, students started thinking how would their subgroups define ´sustainable city´. Although not final yet, some elements started to emerge. For DevelIMG_0360opment Agencies transparency and accountability were important element to take into consideration. International NGOs/Networks highlighted the value of partnerships and networking, as well as the community involvement in decision-making. And Grassroots/Local NGOs stated that improvement of quality of life was a key objective   when discussing ´sustainable city´.


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