Day 3: Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions had some heated debates on day 3! They were mainly stemming from discussions around the key priorities each sub-group was asked to decide on, ahead of then completing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis of those very objectives they had established for their individual institutions.

Here are some photos which document the process and present some of the key points that came up as a result of long deliberations on what the key goals/objectives re and how they can be achieved given the existing resources, capacities, and power levels of each stakeholder group, as well as the external factors which might pose a number of threats and obstacles.

The Global Bank (i.e. the partnership between the World Bank and the Africa Development Bank), its priorities and the SWOT Analysis:

IMG_3012  IMG_3041


Commercial Banks:

IMG_3035 IMG_3039


Micro-Finance Institutions:

IMG_3043  IMG_3021


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

IMG_3038  IMG_3032

And we had an unexpected visit from the media offering their services in case anyone was interested to get their story/perspective out there for the public to see! (Interestingly, there were two offers: one free and one at a negotiable charge- so far none of the institutions have decided to go for either of those, but who knows, soon enough they might want to go for it!):



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