Financial Institutions: Day 6

New week, new principles! On day 6, all stakeholders participating in the dialogue concerning sustainable future for Dar es Salaam have been introduced to 5 principles relating to the Right to the City:

1) Social production of habitat 2) Citizenship and democratic management 3) Right to a just economy 4) Right to a healthy environment and equitable sustainable development & 5) Spatial justice.


Within their individual sub-groups, citizens of Dar es Salaam started discussing their preferences for the various preferences and quickly dived into engaging in open negotiations across various groups of stakeholders to understand where their preferences lie as well.

The rest of the afternoon saw students, out of their roles, participate in the Global Citizenship conference, where teams from across all the different programme strands presented their ideas on what global citizenship means and why it is important. It was a fascinating series of presentations, with all of them offering provocative and challenging questions and views on the notion itself and its implications. Some of the teams have chosen from the terms listed in the Word Cloud (below), whereas others came up with their own terms, such as ‘eudaimonia’ (for those who are unfamiliar with its meaning, I encourage you to look it up!).

word cloud (Y1)


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