Creating Alliances- Right To A Just Economy: Day 8

Day 8 has finally come- all the stakeholders have met with various actors interested in the same principles as them. Right To A Just Economy was one of the proposed 5. It includes representatives of the Government of Tanzania, KGB (Kurasini General Body), Micro-Finance Institutions, Barclays bank and Echo Development.

IMG_3072All actor groups presented their reasoning why they chose this very principle as their preferred one. The briefs made it clear that there were two main issues emerging, namely a discussion around financial inclusion and, on the other hand, providing schemes for building the capacity of the citizens of Dar es Salaam. Thus, there were two alliances that formed according to the two established targets.


IMG_3070  IMG_3071

At the end of the day, Memoranda of Understanding were signed by representatives of different actor groups which finalised and validated the two alliances under the principle of the Right To A Just Economy: financial inclusion and capacity building.

MoU  MoU1



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