Financial Institutions: Day 7

On day 7, Financial Institutions continued the discussion on various principles with the aim to decide which one they would most likely be aligning with. The conference called by commercial developers provided the final opportunity to gauge where other stakeholders stand.


This heated debate touched on a variety of issues, from port development, to re-settlements, financing of projects and more. With the media present throughout, all points were recorded to then report to a wider Dar es Salaam audience.

After the conference, which offered an opportunity to talk to different stakeholders and ask final questions, the Global Bank, the Micro-Finance Institutions (FINCA, KIVA and the Opportunity Trust), Barclays, the Bank of Kenya, and Azania Bank all submitted a request to join alliance groups according to their principle preferences. This marked the last day of them working together as Financial Institutions. From now on- they will work with the other actors under their chosen principles.



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