Manifesto – Development Agencies and NGOs

A sustainable city

Provides services that promote stable social, environmental and economic balance;

Exhibits concerns for the needs of its local communities through its governance;

Is geared towards long-term self-sufficiency;

Supports its residents in their pursuit of health, productivity and happiness; and provides an enabling surrounding for quality of life and well-being;

Pursues green energy initiatives over finite fossil fuels;

Is flexible to extend to the need of future generations.


To achieve this, we need actors from different levels to co-operate in a network.

These levels can be organised in international, national and local spheres.

Local schemes such as The Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) value local needs, and focus on utilizing local knowledge of the community through consultations.

International NGOs such as REALL, Slum Dwellers International (SDI) and WaterAid are critical in the provision of essential developmental advocacy, expertise and implementation.

While some organisations possess definitive funds like DFID, others such as UN-HABITAT rely upon co-operation with other financial bodies to provide funding for developmental initiatives.


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