Sustainability from the perspective of the Temeke Municipality

This definition of a sustainable city deals with issues that we feel responsible for insuring as a municipality, though some would require intervention from higher levels of government. We believe that the development of the area should involve the citizens to the maximum, we see our role as being that of a bridge between the people and the higher levels of government. We believe in the provision of basic things such as primary education (to ensure sustained economic growth and to guarantee opportunities for the population) or the provision of means for local businesses to thrive within the municipality, by putting our local businesses first. We also believe that it is our role to provide food security and sovereignty for the inhabitants of Temeke, which may require petitioning to make sure, for instance, that if the Dreams Harbor project falls through, local populations retain the use of the harbor for fishing and other business activities. Sustainability at the level of the municipality therefore entails the provision of aforementioned basic necessities as well as ensuring economic development and quality of life.


Head of Environmental Health and Water & Solid Waste Management

Head of Community Development and Economic Growth


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