An open letter from the people of Chamazi

IMG_8526We, the people of Chamazi, would like our voices to be heard. Like you, we also have dreams…

Many members of our communities have been living here for many years, but with the growing arrival of residents, predominantly from Kurasini, our community risks being thrown into disarray.

Despite the support of international NGOs, we feel that our community remains under resourced. Although houses have been built for two dozen families, the majority of locals still reside in informal settlements, leaving most residents of Chamazi with neither a roof over their head, nor secure access to water and sanitation. Financing for house construction has run out, and we are in dire need of further assistance.

Following community discussions, we have established that there are masses of unemployed young residents and people in precarious conditions, who are eager to contribute to the future of Dar es Salaam yet lack the means to do so. Our children are dying. We desperately lack healthcare and education, both essential to ending this vicious cycle of continued misery.

Let us work with you to combine our strength and create a brighter future for Dar es Salaam. The potential of Chamazi shines through the solidarity of its inhabitants and the understanding they have towards each other.



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