The Kurasini Perspective

The Harbour of Dreams development project has left the residents of Kurasini in fear and disarray. Despite poverty and flooding, this community has stayed resilient due to the sense of community that binds us.

There seems to be no consideration for the difference in circumstance between different Kurasini residents, particularly to those tenants who face eviction with no compensation or a guarantee to new housing. We remain sceptical about our long term social and economic stability should they be relocated to the Chamazi ward, due to a general lack of information about the process. The change in the costs of living in the city is also a large concern.

Others whose businesses and livelihoods depend on Dar es Salaam’s waterfront regret the contempt shown to them and their dependants by these plans.

We also worry about the future of the local fishing industry, which is of great cultural importance to Dar es Salaam and we wish not to see our culture trampled on in the name of tourism-driven vanity projects.

We as a community are obviously willing to consider development projects that will provide us with better standards of living, but not by uprooting us from the lives and careers we have toiled to build and maintain. We remain open to negotiation to resolve this terrible ordeal.


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